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PostSubject: IMPORTANT NEWS   IMPORTANT NEWS EmptyTue Feb 01, 2011 3:49 am

Hi and excuse me...
After we have seen that lags dont solve, there are many bugs still, GM dont read forum and dont have activity and the clan have got a way that we didnt like we have decided leave the server.
For those members that have been near us from the beggining ty to all.
We maybe move in 1 month to server 7x of l2dex to find another better world.
Sorry for all, and ty to all members that trusted in us. I hope see u in future.
If someone need my account to go on with clan and dont lose clan hall or something like that only say to me.
We left but we have the forum where ever we will be. I hope hear all ur adventures in l2ice although without me. Wink
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